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Cedar, Sage, Sweet Grass, & Tobacco
Cedar, Sage, Sweet Grass & Tobacco

These Traditional Sacred Ceremonial ways are offered to help guide you on your personal life walk. In a respectful way old spirit medicine ways are brought together as we address issues that may be preventing you from experiencing your personal fullness of well-being. These healing ways can leave you with a renewed sense of self, bring clarity to your life visions, resolve and release inner conflict, resentments, anger and restore emotional and physical well-being. These Traditional ways offer healing for many of the following conditions:

Spirit Walk
  • depression
  • sadness
  • grief
  • loss of purpose & direction
  • sleep disturbances
  • fears and uncertainties
  • chronic fatigue
  • low energy
  • obsessive compulsive disorders
  • conflict in relationships
  • communication breakdown
  • emotional and physical trauma
  • addiction to food, drugs, or alcohol.

Relationship conflict and communication breakdown is all too common in modern society. I specialize in guiding couples in the recovery of sacred love and spiritual intimacy. Don't let conflict and lack of communication destroy your relationships!

When one is ready, the Sacred healing ways bring profound change to your life. In time, inner peace and balance for the mind, body and spirit can be achieved.

Ancestors watch over and guide us through the spirit connections we make with "All Our Relations".

Wolves in Relationship

May We All Walk In Beauty.
May We All Walk In Peace.

It is not possible for a person to find a spiritual life through written or spoken words alone.

To discover one’s relationship to the wind, one must experience wind. To know the spirit of the sun, one must feel the sun

To know the rock, one must sit upon it and listen. To know the water, one must touch its freshness

To discover a spiritual life, one must live a spiritual way, both personally, and in relationship with creation and the community of

“All Our Relations”

“Since I last saw you for my Spirit Walk the miracles have begun. I am now paying close attention to all my intentions and actions. I now feel re-connected and the silver lining to my intentions is love. I now know this is my true self, which you helped me to find. No more dwelling in the past, it is the future I am so excited for. Your gift to me is priceless. I want to share with you that I spent over 24K on drugs and alcohol last year alone. In sharing something so very personal is to help other people understand that you can NOT afford to not ask and get help. I lost my brother to suicide 5years ago and it is a shame that people think they can’t get help. Help is everywhere and as Victoria helped me to see. When in doubt, Pray and help will appear.
Thank you/ Miigwetch Victoria. The effects of your love, healing and support I will share with the rest of the world."

Darren F     

"I write this letter in humble gratitude of Victoria’s compassion, gentle guidance and spiritual counseling. With her healing medicines, loving support and wise teachings I have overcome and dealt with physical, and emotional trauma and pain. I have gained confidence in my abilities and now feel connected to what is most important and have become rooted in my spirituality and richer in purpose. Through her healing treatments she gave me solace, pain relief, a safe place to cry and help me to see my true beauty. I am amazed by her strength of character, integrity, spiritual resolution and patience. She is truly one who walks in both worlds, a true Medicine Woman. Chi Miigwetch"

Kim G