The Longhouse Slideshow

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To The Longhouse Quiet Land Healing Lodge, a place of rest...
And a morning coffee on the Log Porch,
or a restful, quiet afternoon, reading and sipping a cup of tea.
Find comfy spot to catch the mid day sun, or cool off in the shade.
Relax on the beautiful grounds among flowers.
Our landscaped grounds help ease the stress of life.
Our Tipi, a place to experience Native Traditions of long ago.
Nothing more peaceful than to share around the warmth of the evening fire telling stories, drumming, singing, and enjoying all the sacred sounds of the night.
A cozy nights sleep in the Tipi and now ready for a day on the trails.
Natural surroundings give shelter from distractions.
The kitchenette is ready when you are hungry.
Lots of ambience to explore.
Our grounds are made to help you relax and find peace.
Lake Temagami natural beauty of the land and water
over 1000 miles of natural shoreline...wildelife abounds
view from Caribou Mountain Lookout
Be inspired by the teaching of the elders..
The guest cabin.
Relax in the comfort of the living room.
Enjoy comfort while taking in the natural surrounding.
The grounds approaching the Little Bird House Cabin.
Relax indoors and read for a while.
Outdoor screened porch. Quiet restful spot to enjoy the outdoor feeling. Enjoy reading and listening to the sounds of the native drum songs. Enjoy your prepared meal at our cozy table while enjoying morning and evening song birds.
Garden decor.
The gardens in bloom give a special welcome.
Friendship and the campfire are just a short walk away.
The Little Bird House guest cabin.
Another peaceful spot to rest.
A sacred place of relaxation and deep soul healing.
Another guest cabin bed.
Peaceful and enclosed sitting area for privacy and peaceful meditation.